Monday, 28 May 2012

Desert Island Books

The sun is shining! Summer is here! And seeing as we don't know how long it's going to last I thought we should start celebrating now so join me if you will for my first instalment of......(drum roll please).......

The idea came to me while considering which books to take away with me on my holiday next week. This is a difficult and time consuming task as having the right reading material can make a big difference to my holiday experience and I take it very seriously... too seriously perhaps?
Well, no actually because part of the joy of a holiday  is uninterrupted reading time and I want to fill that time with wonderful marvellous books. But it's not easy, I need to fill certain requirements on a holiday  and this led me to wonder how hard would it be to pick books for a more significant reason? Like being sranded on a desert Island for example?
 What books would I choose to help keep me sane?
I certainly don't want to end up talking to a coconut a la Tom Hanks in castaway so I'd need inspiring, involving, disappear into another world books and of course there would have to be rules.


1. Maximum of ten books.
2. And fiction, ficton, fiction. I'm talking about feeding the mind and the imagination not following a guidebook on how to survive on a desert island or anything equally boring.
3.You can't choose a trilogy as ONE book. You'd have to use three choices if you wanted all three, gedddit?

So, it's easy enough, post your choices in the comments section with your reasons why and to start you off I'm going to let you see my first five choices you lucky things!

1. Gone With The Wind by Margaret Mitchell.
Love this book, a great epic with brilliant characters and importantly a big, chunky read!

2. Lonesome Dove by Larry McMurtry.
Don't normally do westerns at all but this is an amazing read and completely recreates the old west. Also very chunky!

3.Kushiels Dart by Jacqueline Carey.
A brilliant fantasy and a beautifully drawn world with fantastic voice and a great plot.

4. The Host by Stephanie Meyer.
Hasn't had the fanfare of twilight but is still a great read and very involving not to mention chunky!

5. The Black Jewels Trilogy by Anne Bishop
What can I say? It's my blog and I'll cheat if I want to. Anyway I do have this in one volume and it is entirely brilliant. World building at it's best and how could you not love a book where the three main characters are named Saetan, Lucivar and Daemon???

So, there you go, now it's your turn. What books would you take to your desert Island???


  1. The first books that spring to mind are Treasure: Trials of a Teenage Terror, and What Treasure Did Next, by Michele Hanson (under the pseudonym Gina Davidson). They make me laugh and I can read them over and over again. They would definitely keep me sane on a desert island. So they are number 1 and number 2 on my list. If I think of more I will let you know!

    1. Hi Mariam, thanks for posting. I havent heard of those but humour is probably quite important in the sanity stakes!

  2. The Amazing Adventures of Kavalier & Clay by
    Michael Chabon is on of my all time faves. I read it last summer on the beach in Barcleona and still miss those characters now, a sign of a superb book!

    1. Hi, thanks for joining in, this is a great way to find new books! Off to look this one up now!

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  3. If this desert island break is going to be for a while, I think I'd take The Belgariad series by David Eddings, and maybe the Lord of the Rings trilogy as well. That should hold me for a while.

    1. Hi Lorrie, sounds like youre a fellow sci fi fantasy nut! The good thing about the genre is it provides plenty of reading material!