Friday, 30 August 2013

Unofficial update

Hello lovely peeps!

It's not quite September yet so I'm not officially posting but I thought I'd write a quick update and let you know what I've been doing with my time for the last six weeks.

1. There's been a Glamping trip in a Tipi with my lovely friend Jude, the highlight of which was sitting outside in front of a log fire, chatting and staring into the flames for hours. No wonder fires are called natures T.V!

2.A family holiday in Wales which involved fishing, plenty of trips to the beach, a musical production of Little Shop of Horrors and vast amounts of scrummy fish and chips!

3. A trip to the West End to watch Horrible Histories Barmy Britain show and learn some new and amusing songs.

4. A large amount of boring and necessary chores like buying school uniform and looking after a  recuperating spouse.

5. Still to come this Sunday is a trip to Kellermans Holiday Camp where I will be reliving Dirty Dancing all over again with the lovely Jude and Kez.

All of this excitement has meant that I haven't done any writing of course but weirdly, in many ways it's felt like a very creative period.
 Ideas for the revision of my latest story have been flooding into my head, revelations about my characters, possible twists, ways to add depth...
And rather than trying to edit when the house is full and busy and my time is short instead I've been making notes, drawing maps and making up a history and timeline for my storyworld.

Somehow without even trying my brain has been working and after such a long rest I'm really excited about getting back to work and editing my book.

So next week I'll be beginning revisions and getting back to blogging. Join me then when I'll be writing up a recent event I went to with the lovely Imogen Cooper from Golden Egg Academy.


  1. My daughter was one of the Kellerman's "employees"! Hope you took a watermelon! :-)

    1. How cool Sue! I did indeed carry a watermelon and I have the picture to prove it!