Tuesday, 4 December 2012

Angels and werewolves and vamps, oh my!

                                   Supernatural beings are taking over the world!!

                    They're everywhere. Books, films, television, you just can't escape them.

However, rather then something to be scared of, as they were originally, they have now evolved into the hottest and most attractive of species, so much so, that I wonder how ordinary mortals can ever compete?

Let me make it clearer - if you were a seventeen year old girl would you go for the mortal or the super?

Reasons to love supernatural guys -

1. Let's face it, supernatural guys are dangerous, they're bad boys and girls just love bad guys.
2. They're hot. Seriously. Not just handsome or good looking or sexy but beyond that, they're perfect.
3. As well as good looks they usually possess super strength and impressive fighting skills - they can protect you from everyone and everything.
4. They have special powers, mind reading, seeing the future, flying etc
5. Quite often, they're immortal.
6. Because they're immortal they're usually very rich.
7. Need I go on?

Reasons to love mortal guys -

1. Same species, more in common, etc etc
2. Less risk to your health - (those supernatural guys always have enemies and they usually try to kill you.)
3. I can't think of any more. Seriously.

I can see perfectly why authors have used supernatural heroes in their books and I can definitely see the attraction but I wonder what it's doing to the psyche of teenage girls.

 Romantic heroes have always been out of reach of course -  because of their looks or charm or wealth  - but at least they actually existed. It was possible you could meet someone like them, if you got lucky. Now, the romantic leads are unattainable because they're not actually real so what are girls supposed to do?

 Or, what are the guys supposed to do? Normal, lovely, human guys? How can they ever live up to their make believe rivals?

 And where can it all go? When people have had their fill of supernatural love do we return to the normal kind? Won't that seem a little weak, a little boring? Is there another path to go down, something else that can be twisted to provide a new excitement?

 This blog seems to be filled with many questions and no answers. Sorry about that. The truth is that I'm not sure if it's a problem or just a phase that will gradually disappear.

What do you think? Do you have any answers to my questions? Let me know! Thanks.


  1. I like supernatural boys and girls. My YA ebooks, which I self-publish, feature both. They are angels who can transport from Heavan to Earth, and then from place A to where they need to be.

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