Tuesday, 5 February 2013

On the bright side

              Yes well, as expected the rejections have started to come in and at this point I suppose I could descend into depression and despair once more. I could weep and wail and gnash my teeth and snarl at the evil agents and publishers who have dared to reject my second masterpiece but really, what would that achieve? I might feel a tiny bit better for a short space of time by blaming everyone else but would it really help? I'm not sure.
 So, I've decided to try a bit of positivity instead...

1. My m.s has been rejected by agents.
But - none of them said " You can't write, your work is rubbish, don't ever contact me again you useless excuse for a writer." In fact, some of them were very encouraging!

2. This project may never be published.
But - maybe that's a good thing? Maybe it's really not good enough and if it was published it would fail miserably, be ridiculed on Amazon and end my career before it's even started.

3. But all the work I put into is all wasted.
No, it's not, all that work is just part of the learning process, that book may lead to me writing something infinitely better eventually.

4. But now I have to start all over again!
Hooray! Just think, the freedom to create an entirely new world, to lose myself in a new story, to enjoy that first draft high before the real work begins in the revision process.

5. But what about all the time it takes? I could be here for years trying to get published!
Yes, that's true but without a publishing contract there's no pressure on me  to edit, to tour, to visit schools, to network and publicise WHILE I'm trying to write. I can just write and let's not forget just how much I love to write!

 So, I think I'm doing pretty well at looking on the bright side and surprisingly all this positive energy is making me feel better too because now I can be hopeful, I can be optimistic and I can dream that one day it really will be my turn!
Try it for yourself and see how you get on!


  1. Replies
    1. Mark, how very dare you! I'm not at all sploshed, I mean splooshed, I mean sloshed...

  2. I am applauding your positivity! Hoorah hoorah -w e should all print this off and stick it to our foreheads - well done you x

    1. Thank you Kathryn, that could be a good look for people I think! xx

  3. Rejection letters should come with chocolate/cake/wine attachments - I think it would soften the blow! Here's to diving in to your next project (while still keeping your fingers crossed on this one...)

    1. Thanks Jennifer, great idea. Perhaps just make sure plenty of chocolate cake and Baileys available after submitting?? ;)

  4. Wow…this post tingled my toes. I’m so full of admiration and respect for firefighters in general and now you in particular Stewart. Thank you for sharing.
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