Monday, 5 December 2011

Author on the Edge of what?

Well, that's a good question and there are two possible answers.

1. I'm on the edge of a nervous breakdown while I try and find an agent and get my work published.
2. I'm on the edge of success, fame and fortune.

I can see which answer is most likely, (I'm not completely deluded)but there needs to be some hope in my life otherwise what's the point of it all?
I've read all the statistics, I know how hard it is to get an agent and a publisher especially in the world of childrens books but getting published is not just about the quality of your book (although this is significant), it's also about whether you can survive the trauma of submitting to agents, waiting for a response, getting rejected and trying again...and again...and again probably.
It's about getting out there and meeting people, making contact,selling yourself and let's face it some of it is entirely luck!
For me this whole process is the hardest bit. I love writing. I love it. Creating worlds and characters and plots is a joy to me, it's also horribly hard work at times but all of that is easy compared to the herculean task of trying to get your work published.
So, I will be attempting to stay sane while undergoing this process and if you want to know how I get on keep an eye on this blog.

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  1. Just from the technical perspective - you deserve a medal! Brilliant job taking your first step into the blogosphere ... where the brave go, the wimps may yet follow ... happy blogging!