Friday, 9 December 2011

How NOT to cope with rejection

Okay, so this week I have had my full manuscript rejected by two different agents. It's a bit like someone punching you in the stomach, waiting for you to get up and then headbutting you rather hard.
So, understandably I've felt a bit hard done by and no doubt every author at some point has felt the same but I believe there are some things you should never do, however upset you are.

1. Reply to the agent/publisher who rejected you and inform them that as they are obviously unable to appreciate true genius and should therefore quit their job and become a parking attendant instead.

2. Phone up the agent/publisher who rejected you and play "Every step you take," By The Police.

3. Turn up at the offices of the agent/publisher who rejected you and demand a meeting so you can explain in detail exactly how brilliant your work is.

4. Quit your job, sell your house and move to an island in the Scottish hebrides so you can be alone with your despair.

5. Set up a website entitiled "Why all agents/publishers are idiots/morons" and send the link to your entire contact list.

In fact don't do anything except send a nice polite note thanking the agent/publisher for their time.
And keep on hoping because one day it could be you.
(Only not if you've offended every agent in the country by doing one of the above!)

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